Schedule of Refresher Courses for 2022-23
  2022-2023       Print Schedule
Sr.NoSubjectsDate FromDate To
1 47th Guru-Dakshta Faculty Induction Programme     01-06-2022 29-06-2022
2 48th Guru-Dakshta Faculty Induction Programme     01-07-2022 29-07-2022
3 49th Guru-Dakshta Faculty Induction Programme     27-10-2022 25-11-2022
4 50th Guru-Dakshta Faculty Induction Programme     09-01-2023 07-02-2023
(i) Specific Refresher Courses
1 Forensic Sciences     16-06-2022 29-06-2022
2 Physics     01-06-2022 14-06-2022
3 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning     09-01-2023 21-01-2023
4 Drug discovery and drug development and analytical interposition of data in Pharmaceutical Research     01-07-2022 14-07-2022
(ii) Inter Disciplinary Courses
1 Teacher Educator:Learning outcomes and educational reforms-Pedagogy, Assessment and Quality Assurance     13-02-2023 25-02-2023
2 Cultural Studies     12-11-2022 25-11-2022
3 Humanities     01-07-2022 14-07-2022
4 Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management/Commerce     01-08-2022 13-08-2022
5 History and Religious Studies     01-06-2022 14-06-2022
6 Home Science(Food & Nutrition)     01-09-2022 14-09-2022
7 Soft Skills and Personality Development     01-09-2022 14-09-2022
8 Life Sciences     12-11-2022 25-11-2022
1 Leadership Development Programme     23-05-2022 30-05-2022
2 e-content Development and on-line Pedagogy     01-08-2022 08-08-2022
3 Psychosocial and legal issues in Gender equality     22-07-2022 29-07-2022
4 Moocs online Courses and Open Educational Resources     23-05-2022 30-05-2022
5 Professional Development for IQAC Coordinators     16-09-2022 23-09-2022
6 Capacity Building program for women in Higher Education     18-02-2023 25-02-2023
7 Workshop for Non Teaching Staff     13-12-2022 20-12-2022
8 Curriculum Development & National Education Policy     13-12-2022 20-12-2022
9 Climate Change, Artificial, Intelligences, Yoga and Wellness     22-12-2022 -
10 Monthly workshops on NEP-2020 Implementation Plan: Strategic Action Plan and Goals. Under eighty relevant components of the policy, namely Multidisciplinary and Holistic Education Equity and Inclusion, Motivated, Energized and Capable Faculty Technology Use and Integration, Global Outreach of Higher Education, Promotion of Indian Knowledge Systems, Languages, Culture and Values research, Innovation and Rankings and Integrated Higher Education System     

Requirements for attending the Refresher Course.
1. Fully charged Desktop/Laptop with good internet speed and necessary data pack.
2. Functional Webcam, Microphone and Headphones are compulsory.
3. In Case of power failure, you must keep some backup ready with you to avoid disconnections. You may get your internet connectivity put on Inverter if there is provision of inverter at your place.

1. Intimation of Selection to the participants shall be given through e-mail.
2. Attendance is mandatory for all sessions, failing which certificates shall not be given.

Live web sessions through online FREE CONFRENCE CALL/GOOGLE MEET

Registration Fee
The Registration fee for the course is R. 1000/- (One Thousand only) to be paid through online payment mode after his/her selection

Account Name: Director, Human Resource Development Centre, Punjabi University, Patiala
Account Number 65067372627
IFSC Code SBIN0050009
MICQ: 147002022
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Director, Human Resource Development Centre
Punjabi University, Patiala (Payable at Patiala)